Pipette calibration software is a fundamental part of any busy calibration laboratory. Many laboratories undertake their own pipette calibration and have either purchased commercial software or have written their own applications in an excel spreadsheet for example.

Pipette Calibration Software in use


Small laboratories without specific quality requirements and the need for inventory management may well find this adequate. Larger laboratories however will require traceably, data storage & recall and seamless integration with weighing devices, such as laboratory balances.


What is needed.

Buying software is a complex affair and a trial period of use is recommended. Many laboratories work in different ways and have different data and protocol requirements. There are however basic requirements we would recommend in any commercial calibration software which is purchased.


In addition there may well be other needs that will require special development work to fit with a departments regime.



A of Scientific software is available through distribution who may have little or no experience of the product. Ensure the company who developed the software knows the product and the pipette industry and use the products themselves on a regular basis. Also there may well be a need to develop a list of suppliers for spare parts and to download instructions for calibrating various types of pipette.


NOTE: Pipette Calibration software also has to run on your departments hardware. Please check beforehand what computers, operating systems and balances will be used prior to purchase. If in doubt ask the vendor for guarantees.





This software is absolutely free and available from Biohit and Pipette Doctor. QuantaCheck can be downloaded online here.



Calibration Software Specification Advice

The following are various elements of pipette calibration software that should be addressed prior to purchase. The lines highlighted in red are recommended, the ones in green optional.


  • Personalised Information
  • Seamless Balance Support
  • Protocol Specification and Storage
  • Multiple Departments & or Customer Register
  • Full Calibration Reporting System & Report Editor
  • Quality Control System for Users
  • Management Reporting
  • Booking In/Dispatch System (multiple dept or commercial companies)
  • Automated Pipette Collection Requests (Dept's or Companies)
  • Spare Part Management
  • Due/Overdue Pipettes Report
  • Service/Calibration Recall System
  • Integrated Email Reporting System
  • Quote Generator (Commercial Companies)
  • Multichannel Equipment Support
  • Accredited Certification (ISO17025)
  • Multi-language
  • Instructions on servicing pipettes
  • Synchronisation of data with other laboratories

    Pipette Calibration Software Ideally being able to try the software prior to purchase and being able to buy modules as and when is necessary gives the flexibility needed to develop and in-house pipette calibration system.


Another very important point, not often addressed is the opportunity to quality control staff and their techniques. Staff do need training on use of precision liquid handling tools and monitoring of this can be very important. Some software (such as Quanta Pipette Calibration Software from Pipette Doctor) has this built in. They also allow free download trials.