Pipette Training: The basics of pipetting use are useful for both novices and experienced individuals. It is very easy when under pressure from intense pipetting workloads to forget the simple principles that ensures the right results.

There is lots of advice in the literature and on the Internet with respect to training. There are also companies who undertake training courses and provide instruction on correct techniques and the principles of fluid dynamics and product design behind these. Thee courses also instruct on pipette calibration techniques.

We have listed some of the more useful links below that relate to pipette training and principles of correct pipette handling.


OTHER (factors affecting accuracy and precision)


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Pipette Training and Calibration Videos


This video is from the excellent Biohit "Pipetting Academy" which is a course run by Biohit companies and their dealers. Visit website.


Other more specialised courses are run by service companies for specific repair and calibration of all makes and models of pipette. These are more tailored toward companies or laboratory technicians who will be looking after a laboratory's pipettes on a regular basis.